The Finge Box By Poshtick

Hi Guys, How have you been?

We know that we have been completely MIA since forever and have not been posting much, but what to do? Law student life is not easy at all!! But we would definitely try to put more posts from now on.

So, recently we received a package from  “Poshtick”, now they are a community that believes in the concept of healthier living by eating right. They have sent their newest launch called “The Finge Box”


The vision behind this box is to introduce an alternative healthy lifestyle for those who want to adopt the same but don’t know where to start. They aspire to build a community of healthy, happy people! And that too without indulging into scary expensive diets plans.

The Finge Box contain 5 different type of snacks and the good part is that they can be custom made according to your preference and health need.


Our box contained Rosemary Lavash, Choco Wheat puff, Crackled, Fruit attack and Chocolate Chia Granola Bar, the box also has cards on which nutritional fact of each snack is written and they have other cards on which few healthy habits and their benefit is also listed


Coming to the taste of each product


Fruit Attack– itcomprises of various fruits peel such as Orange, lemon, cherries etc. they do not have any artificial flavoring and each piece taste and smell like the fruit peel it is made of. In total, they are a great snack to munch when those sudden hunger pangs come.




Chocolate Chia Granola– I was expecting it to taste like sawdust considering the fact it is healthy in nature, but it surprisingly tasted good. It has Corn Flakes, Oats, Chia Seeds and chocolate as the ingredient. This is the bar you should grab when you have chocolate cravings!IMG_20170513_173335



Crackled Whole Wheat & Nuts –  This snack has roasted whole wheat, almonds, pumpkin seeds and cashew nuts. This has a salty grainy aftertaste. It is a better option than munching chips and namkeen and can also be used as a “chakna”.



Choco Wheat Puff- they are simply wheat puffs dusted with cocoa. They can be consumed when you have a sweet craving and trust us that this snack will satisfy you.



Rosemary Lavash– this snack contains Whole Wheat flour, Salt, Gluten Bread Improver, Water, Milk, and Rosemary. Although it is a very healthy option as a snack with only 172.7 calories per 100 g, but it taste like nothing, there is no flavor in your mouth not even of rosemary. This snack was little disappointing.



Our Verdict– Definitely a good buy if you value your health which you should! Also if you like to munch while working like us. This is the box that you should invest in. Because obviously pot bellies are not hot.

How to buy it – We are leaving the link to their website below and you can buy the box according to your need. If you are still unsure then you can also start off by taking their trial box.

Have fun you guys and stay happy ❤ IMG_20170513_125218

Stylist Walk Through- StudioCREO

StudioCREO, a Delhi-based retail curator of Italian lifestyle décor brands, has hosted a Studio Walkthrough at its outlet. The showcase was a studio display of the collection, Nikoo Interiors, making Italian design furniture accessible and an interactive session with the brainchild behind the project, Parushni Aggarwal, Founder & Creative Director, StudioCREO.


The Executive Chef from Miele, the premium kitchen appliance brand, conducted an exclusive cookout session using the Boffi Kitchen setup at StudioCREO and showcased the modern day cooking. (StudioCREO is an exclusive retailer of Boffi in India).


StudioCREO offers a unique and personal blend of furniture, lighting, flooring and home accessories from some of the most iconic Italian brands. With a minimalistic touch to works of art & design StudioCREO brings together inspirational and eclectic collections in a visually stimulating environment. Simple functionality, considered design and the latest innovation are the foundation of their philosophy.


The walkthrough aimed at highlighting the décor pieces by Nikoo Interiors in a home set-up. These products are designed in such a manner that they utilize space in the most effective manner. The pieces are light-weight and are accessibly priced, making home styling within reach.


Speaking at  the walkthrough, Ms. Parushni Aggarwal, Founder & Creative Director, StudioCREO, added that “Home space has undergone a radical shift in the eyes of the resident and the customer. Occupational as well as residential spaces are no longer a means to an end but a place of personal expression. The idea of happy living is intrinsic to this and we at StudioCREO are constantly on the lookout for solutions. We aim to provide people a chance to channel their creative vision by making them experience the outlet while it’s set up with designer Italian furniture.”



For more information, log on to


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Until next, Ta-Da!🙂



Distress With Decoupage Presented By HobbMob.

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing your own work as a Christmas decoration. Hobbmob invites you to decorate your traditional Saturday afternoon and learn the basics of decoupage using a variety of materials. In this course, you will learn clear step-by-step instructions showing simply how to create your own decoupaged bottles and tray to take home.


HobbMob is hosting an event at Dialogues Cafe in Bangalore on the 17th of December which is conducted by the very creative, Payal Kedia, the event will focus on transforming a regular household item to something bold, polished and modern design.



The design may change according to the availability of raw material supplies.There’s no experience necessary and we’ll provide all the supplies, so you don’t have to worry about a thing (except having a great time!)



Started by Rajvi and Vaibhav Nagori, HobbMob is a place where creative minds come together to teach, learn and exchange ideas. Bringing together ‘professionals’ and ‘hobbyists’ on a single platform, HobbMob aims to build a community where people from everywhere can collaborate. Whether it’s a college student who wants to learn an instrument, a homemaker who wants to teach that special cuisine to earn an extra buck or a senior citizen who has been wanting to master a foreign language, the founders at HobbMob believe it’s never too late or early to get it done. An easy-to-operate interface lets users from all over the country register on the site and start the learning and sharing process!



A Saturday well spent brings a week of content. Book tickets on book my show:!Tickets


Please feel free to get in touch with Rajvi Sanghvi on +91 9644007760 to know more about this event.


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Raw Rituals Courtsey Smytten.

Hey guys, we hope that you are having a super  amazing  time ❤

Recently  we stumbled upon an app called Smytten where they give you a sample of products for trial and you can rate them accordingly on the app.


While going through the app we came across Raw Rituals scrubs, I honestly love Scrubs and think that no routine can be completed without some good scrubbing. Therefore we ordered 2 sample box  of their scrubs namely Caffeine Infused Body Scrub  and Green Tea & Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub”


Raw Ritual  creates handmade and nature inspired daily self-care rituals. The products are created on receiving orders from individual customers so as to supply the finished product as fresh as possible. They also  do not comprise of any synthetic fragrances, preservatives, lathering agents, emulsifiers, or other chemical ingredients. The ingredients combined to create each of Raw Rituals Products are listed on the packaging. All Raw Rituals Self-care products are:

  • Free of SLS, SLEs and other detergent/ detergent like products
  • Free of Paraben
  • Free of Preservatives
  • Free of synthetic and chemical fragrances
  • Free of Alcohol
  • Free of synthetic and artificial colors


Which is great, Organic products are the best products to be used and in our opinion, everyone should include as much as pure products as one can.

Without further ado lets jump right to review

Both  the products are of anti-oxidants properties. The ingredients work towards gently removing the dead skin, leaving it rejuvenated & firm. The oils present in the scrub moisturizes skin and makes it soft and shiny. Well, this is what the scrubs claims to do .

Caffeine Infused Body Scrub  


PACKAGING: courtesy to smytten we got it in a small transparent plastic circular box with a screw lid.

QUANTITY : 10g only as it is a sample. The normal box contains 75 g for 300 rupees.

INGREDIENTS : Grinded Arabica bean coffee, Coffee powder, Sugar mix, Hempseed oil, Almond oil, Coconut oil, Himalayan Salt & Coffee oil.

EXPERIENCE :First of all, It has a such a strong coffee smell that I actually wanted to taste it. Secondly, I penetrate deep in your skin and it didn’t try out the skin at all. it is an excellent exfoliator that removes dead skin cells and adds a wonderful glow to my skin. It contains Almond oil which is rich in Vitamin E that helps in repairing, rejuvenating, as well as revitalizing your damaged skin ensuring it is left feeling relaxed and looking great.


Even though it’s a body scrub, you can totally use it on your face as well. It is great for winters as it will ensure that you don’t have flaky skin. Also, if you shave.. You can use this scrub before you begin shaving to ensure that you have no ingrown hair.

Overall, we liked this Scrub.


Green Tea & Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub


PACKAGING: courtesy to smytten we got it in a small transparent plastic circular box with a screw lid.

QUANTITY: 10g only as it is a sample. The normal box contains 75 g for 300 rupees.

INGREDIENT: Green Tea leaves, Dead Sea salt, sugar mix, jojoba oil, almond oil, lemon grass essential oil, green tea infused oil, vitamin-E oil.

EXPERIENCE:  This Scrub does not have a strong smell but has a beautiful citrusy aroma, which I personally find very relaxing and soothing. This scrub is perfect for a daily ritualistic cleaning and does not dry out your skin which is great for winters. The mild abrasive texture and healing properties of dry green tea leaves work towards reducing blemishes and scars and the exfoliating effect of dead sea salt act scrub off the tan and dead skin cells. Again this can also be used for face as well. The only downside of this scrub is that it is not grainy and tends to form small stubborn lumps which just does not break (If you know what I mean) and it is quite an ordeal to use it.


WHICH ONE WILL I BUY : I would go for the  Caffeine infused scrub as it is more grainy and I feel it is a  better exfoliator. Also, It is coffeeee.


If you already own any of the scrub from above or any product from Raw Rituals, let us know your views in the comment section down below !

I hope this review has been helpful to you. Also, tell us if you liked our review and if you want us to review any product.

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The Hippie Trail ❤

Hi Guys, we hope that you had an awesome Diwali week. But now that Diwali festive week is over and we are sure that now you just want to unwind chill and relax after so many back to back Diwali parties.

016cebfbe3ba366e04f52bb6a4b11fc4 images-4

Welcome to The Hippie Trail for that, a cute little café tucked away in one of the Hauz Khas village tiny lanes. This café is a new backpacker’s café in town and today we decided to take out time and try this place out. Although, we couldn’t spend the time that this place deserves and try out a lot of dishes from their extended menu which boasts of waffles, pizzas, pastas, sandwiches, burgers, snacks, desserts and all kinds of hot and cold beverages.


The Hippie Trail is located in the lane where Social offline is and can be easily spotted. Once you arrive there, you need do remove your shoes and then go inside and sit. As true to its name this place has mattress set-up to sit, which gives a very homely and cozy vibe. Apart from the sitting arrangement, other thing that took our attention is their wall art, dream catchers, fairy lights and every quirky, bohemian thing that they have placed sending out beautiful vibes.


This place blows away everyone with the view of lake and greenery, which everyone is looking for to spend their day as Dilli Ki Sardi is on its way.

The ambience of this place is very pleasant as we have said about that a lot now and makes you calm and relaxed. The soothing music in the back drop is the added goodness that you need in your hectic life right now.


Coming to the food and service, we ordered sandwiches and pasta and in drinks, we had Hand Beaten Coffee and Masala Tea. The price of each item was very decent compared to the overly priced café in the village. The Tea was priced at 50 bucks and was served in a big mug filled to the brim with a lovely aroma and perfectly sweetened. The coffee is served at 90 bucks only and even that was served in a huge mug and filled to the brim.


Next was white sauce pasta which was served in a huge bowl with two garlic bread. Now, the garlic bread wasn’t the best bread that we had as it wasn’t crispy enough but the pasta was cheesy and tasted fabulous.  The Sandwich, Veg cheese sandwich also was served in huge proportion and was very tummy filling. The best part about it was that it was stuffed with the fillings.


The only thing that we were put off by (a little) is their service. The service was a little slow, but honestly, that shouldn’t bother you enough if you have time and a good company as you wouldn’t mind sitting here for a little longer. Apart from that, the waiters were very polite and courteous and we would love to go back to this place again. AND AGAIN!


The total bill was of 725/- for two, which is very decent considering everything and comparing to other places.


Ps- they have huge board games collections that you can play.


Let us know your experience if you have been there ❤




Note- We do not claim the ownership of all the pictures. they belong to their respective owners.


Asian Hawker Market

Asian hawker-style culture and energy came  to Select Citywalk, Delhi last weekend that is 21st October to 23rd October . This was the 3rdedition of the market. It brings an  unique, one of its kind al fresco food festival bring the best of Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Southeast Asian cuisines under one roof. The three-day fiesta was truly a visceral trip to the sights, sounds, smells, tastes and  experiences that could easily be mistaken for the streets of a busy southeast Asian market.


True to its name, the Asian Hawkers Market is the  first ever festival of this scale for Asian Food alone. Delhi is lucky to have a great variety of Pan-Asian options, and the Asian Hawkers Market is a fun and delicious celebration of our love for it – a cuisine that has since long captured the mind and imagination of our palate.


This food festival  engages all the foodies’ senses beyond their palate. I was hopping  from one stall to another to celebrate the Asian culinary tradition. With the portions comparatively small, I could sample different cuisines without feeling uncomfortably full. Visitors were happily enjoying  many as different menus across restaurants that they might not otherwise have had a chance to visit.


The food festival had restaurateur Zorawar Kalra, who is seen judging the fifth season of cooking-based reality TV show “MasterChef India”, taking part in the fest with his restaurant Pa Pa Ya.


The other debutantes included Burma Burma, with its all-vegetarian menu, Aftab Sidhu’s Jom Jom Malay, Pan-Asian restaurant of Westin Gurgaon; Ping’s Cafe Orient, Wai Wai City, Wok Tok (The Grand New Delhi), which is making its debut with Executive Chef Nilesh Dey.


The Asian Hawkers Market also had live entertainment, including flash mobs.

Best part of the Asian Hawker market for the insane drunkyard was the bar provided by “The Lord of the Drink”


Let us know your experience if you visited The Asian Hawk market. 🙂


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