TBC by Nature – Power Magic Peeling Gel Scrub.

Winters are over and long gone and to add to the sadness level Spring feels nothing like spring, it is the season which should be called pre summer, and that is the reality that everyone just has to accept.

There is something about summers especially if you live in Delhi that would make you write, “Why do I hate summers 101”.  If the road melting temperature isn’t enough it has got us worried about  Tanning, dust, and pollution which causes damage and form layers of dead skin cells on our skin.

It is that moment when anyone who looks into the mirror and spots that the skin is turning dull and flaky. The obvious next that means this is the time to apply some exfoliator to get rid of dead skin cells and hidden impurities from the face.

Keeping in mind all our concerns TBC by nature introduced their New Signature Series’s product Power Magic Peeling Gel Scrub for all skin type. It claims to removes impurities from the skin instantly.

Power Magic Peeling Gel Scrub

What it claims

Power Magic Peeling Scrub is a gel that visibly rolls, lifts and sweeps away dead skin cells when massaged onto skin. It replenishes your skin with the goodness of Pineapple, Pomegranate, Keratinase, effectively peel and help uncover a smooth, fresh, new complexion without drying, irritating, or causing undue stress to skin. It removes impurities and decongests clogged pores for a youthful, radiant look. It is Paraben free, removes dead skin cells and decongests clogged pores from the skin.


My experience. 

It is smooth and gentle on the skin, It leaves the Skin with a nice glow and freshness and does not cause any kind of irritation or redness on the skin. Also, It does not have any chemically smell and smells really fresh. But, it is not very effective on the blackheads or whiteheads on my skin. Also, it leaves my already dry skin extremely dry and patchy and literally does not do anything for the flakiness.



It would be a great product for someone who has oily to normal skin, Dry skinned people should steer clear from it.

New Doc 2017-04-12

Would I recommend it?

Yes, it is a great product for its price,which is 350 for 100 gm and would suit people with normal to oily skin.

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