Wall Glamour by Gautam Dhawan

The Indian décor and design market is in a flux as old ideas are constantly being abolished and the customer is out looking for the next big trend. In this scenario, Gautam Dhawan, Founder of ExhibitD, has been successful in transforming the existence of its customers by providing spaces that are wondrous yet comfortable, with the only constant being luxury and elegance.


Walls are the pillars of any architectural edifice and they are a testimony of the way we interact with our spaces. The collection places emphasis on colors and how art can find a place anywhere as long as we are willing to look above and beyond. The various installations are in the signature GautamDhawan avant-garde manner. A few of them are –


Drops – an art installation made in metal and backlit Makrana marble , a versatile and timeless motif brings a third dimension to the space.

Lotus Dip

Lotus dip – Signature wall art, leaves and flowers matched up together to create a Lotus pond on the wall. Metal in tarnished tones creates a real life effect.

Damask Wall Art

 Damask console – This wall mounted console with a set of mirrors to match have been inspired by Mughal patterns made in tarnished brass and wood.

Chick Flick

Passion flower patina wall panel – This contained piece in stunning blue is crafted with patina treatment, using etching, deep chasing and other age old techniques to create a modern funky piece for the wall and has been fashioned like a canvas.

Origami inspired wall art

Copper and brass wall cladding solutions – Using different color tones and beating techniques we have created their own version of stunning wall cladding in metal. With a versatile use these are very adaptable to the modern home.

Rambling Rose

Roses – Hand made roses have been used, inspired from nature at its pristine best to create an effeminate and delicate wall piece for the truly modern Indian woman.

Let us know which one is your style

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