The Hippie Trail <3


Hi Guys, we hope that you had an awesome Diwali week. But now that Diwali festive week is over and we are sure that now you just want to unwind chill and relax after so many back to back Diwali parties.

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Welcome to The Hippie Trail for that, a cute little café tucked away in one of the Hauz Khas village tiny lanes. This café is a new backpacker’s café in town and today we decided to take out time and try this place out. Although, we couldn’t spend the time that this place deserves and try out a lot of dishes from their extended menu which boasts of waffles, pizzas, pastas, sandwiches, burgers, snacks, desserts and all kinds of hot and cold beverages.


The Hippie Trail is located in the lane where Social offline is and can be easily spotted. Once you arrive there, you need do remove your shoes and then go inside and sit. As true to its name this place has mattress set-up to sit, which gives a very homely and cozy vibe. Apart from the sitting arrangement, other thing that took our attention is their wall art, dream catchers, fairy lights and every quirky, bohemian thing that they have placed sending out beautiful vibes.


This place blows away everyone with the view of lake and greenery, which everyone is looking for to spend their day as Dilli Ki Sardi is on its way.

The ambience of this place is very pleasant as we have said about that a lot now and makes you calm and relaxed. The soothing music in the back drop is the added goodness that you need in your hectic life right now.


Coming to the food and service, we ordered sandwiches and pasta and in drinks, we had Hand Beaten Coffee and Masala Tea. The price of each item was very decent compared to the overly priced café in the village. The Tea was priced at 50 bucks and was served in a big mug filled to the brim with a lovely aroma and perfectly sweetened. The coffee is served at 90 bucks only and even that was served in a huge mug and filled to the brim.


Next was white sauce pasta which was served in a huge bowl with two garlic bread. Now, the garlic bread wasn’t the best bread that we had as it wasn’t crispy enough but the pasta was cheesy and tasted fabulous.  The Sandwich, Veg cheese sandwich also was served in huge proportion and was very tummy filling. The best part about it was that it was stuffed with the fillings.


The only thing that we were put off by (a little) is their service. The service was a little slow, but honestly, that shouldn’t bother you enough if you have time and a good company as you wouldn’t mind sitting here for a little longer. Apart from that, the waiters were very polite and courteous and we would love to go back to this place again. AND AGAIN!


The total bill was of 725/- for two, which is very decent considering everything and comparing to other places.


Ps- they have huge board games collections that you can play.


Let us know your experience if you have been there ❤




Note- We do not claim the ownership of all the pictures. they belong to their respective owners.


  1. Paige Wunder · November 9, 2016

    Looks like an absolutely dreamy location! Cheers!


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