The Body Shop’s Products Review


img_4515Hi guys, we hope you are enjoying the festive season to the fullest!

Recently I got my hands on few goodies from The Body Shop and we decided to review the product because we are in love with products and want to share the same with you guys too!


British Rose Shower Gel: This shower gel is one from the British Rose range of The Body Shop priced at INR 450/-


This is one of those shower gels that makes you feel so happy and fresh and leaves your body smelling so nicely of roses. This product doesn’t have that typical rose smell, so for those who don’t like the smell of roses can still give this a try. This is unlike any typical rose scented product that I have used. This one has a very mild floral and zesty smell. Another reason why we are speaking so highly of this shower gel is because this shower gel lathers up so well on the skin. So for those who love using shower gels that lather up really well, this is a must try. Even though it lathers so much, doesn’t leave the skin really dry nor does overly moisturizes it. So, this shower gel is perfect for summers when you don’t want that really layer on your skin.

Moringa Body Milk: This body milk is priced at 695/-


The Body Shop Moringa Body Milk, as the name suggests has milky consistency and very liquidy. The body milk comes in a spray bottle which makes it super easy to apply and distribute it evenly. Talking about the fragrance, I have heard a lot of people not liking the smell of Moringa but I absolutely loved it. This has very beautiful, sweet and quite floral smell. It has a hint of Tropical white flower, just a hint. The body milk has a reminiscent of Jasmine, which is not too much but leaves a hint of really jasminy fragrance. Coming to the moisturizing part, this does moisturize the skin really well but at the same doesn’t give very sticky feeling. The milk really blends well into the skin, non-greasy and moisturizing it. According to me, with winters approaching the body milk is a perfect match for keeping all that dryness away !

Strawberry Body Puree: This body puree is priced at 695/-

img_4531The Body Shop’s Strawberry Body Puree, has a very thick consistency and comes in a pump bottle. The packaging and color of the product is really cute and pastel. The body milk has a mild sweet strawberry smell which is not very pleasant, so for those who are not a fan of fruity smell would not like this puree. This body puree is definitely better than using the body shop’s body butter during summer because it is less greasy and sticky than the body butter. The puree blends really well into the skin, doesn’t give the greasy layer but does leave a sticky feeling. May leave feeling a little overly moisturized. But for those who loves the sweet but mild fruity smell and has really dry skin, this product is a must try. This body puree is one the average products of The Body Shop.

Strawberry Hand Cream: This product is priced at 350/-



The Body Shop’s Strawberry Hand Cream is one of my favorite hand creams I have ever used. The smell of the hand cream is nothing like the one of the body puree. This has a strong yet mild typical strawberry smell. While applying the hand cream the smell comes off really strong but once it settles leaves a mild fragrance. So for those who love strawberry and are addicted to hand creams, his product is a treat to apply. The hand creams aptly moisturizes the hands, which is not too greasy and not too dry. This is very long lasting which will not make you feel applying it again and again. The cream comes in a tube packaging. The pink packaging is super pretty and is definitely very easy to carry. Since the cream moisturizes the skin well, even a small coin sized amount does its work and so the product may seem small but is long lasting. For the lovers of strawberry and hand creams, must try.

Atlas Mountain Rose, Eau De Toilette: This product is priced at 1695/-


The Body Shop’s Atlas Mountain Rose, Eau De Toilette from the New Voyage Collection is definitely my current favorite EDT right now. This fragrance is one the best daytime wearable fragrance, which is not very exotic but is definitely  the most worn fragrance for spring and summer. This one has the most natural and earthy rose fragrance you will ever find. The packaging is beautifully designed. It has a beautiful pink color and feminine design. It smells sweet, very feminine and sophisticated. It will make you feel so light and airy. The fragrance also stays on for a decent time, about 4 to 5 hours. This extremely feminine fragrance is amazing on hot summer days as well as cold freezing ones.


If you already own any product from above or any product from The Body Shop, let us know your views in the comment section down below !

I hope this review has been helpful to you. Also, tell us if you liked our review and if you want us to review any product.

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