The Food Affair – A Foody Night


On the fine evening of September 9, prominent caterer Sarita Bazaz, Founder and CEO of The Food Affairs enchanted everyone with her gastronomic magic by showcasing her new magnificent binge of a collection of gastronomies at the Veda Farms, Brijwasan.


Her creativity and initiative started from a single kitchen 23 years from now, with her gastronomic skills and her superlative entrepreneurship skills, towards charming every food enthusiast around the globe which definitely came to fulfillment, through melded musky ingredients and sizzling recipes that captured the traditional, gastronomical amusing traditional legacy of every dish, and showcased the gourmet line of India.


As we stepped into the lavish venue, the whole affair was stunned under exquisitely stricken chandeliers, a live band performance by a renowned artist through the night while the invitees cossetted themselves in a supper of food cosmic enough to feed an army of food lovers.


The event offered a variety of 50 different delectable appetizers, mains, desserts and beverages to tempt the pallet!


The food affair did a culinary showcase of their new menu which had 7 different cuisines for the festive season. The highlight of the entire dazzling event and food was a salt cooking counter, which caught almost every food enthusiast’s attention and taste buds. Salt cooking India is very new and the food is being cooked in Himalayan salt. The salt used is from India and Pakistan, but the slabs used comes from America and cooking is done on it !


The event also had an Italian counter which caught our attention which has asparagus and mushroom and was pure vegetarian, Sarita Bazaz has recently added a lot of non- vegetarian cuisines to her menu. The Food Affair by Sarita Bazaz, are specialist in vegetarian fusions with a very curative presentation. They presented coastal cuisines, Nawabi cuisines, Northwest counter, which was a combination of Punjabi and Sindhi food, Rajasthan counter and chaat section which had Victoria Chaat, HazratganjChaat, and Mumbai Chaupati. She made sure that the entire menu and concept created by her was connected to the roots of India and every dish of theirs had a lot of detailing and effort. The most interesting experience of the event was a lot of live counters which had freshly cooked dishes.


Everything on the menu was strikingly combined and presented, guaranteeing the entire affair to be a gastronomic glee and SaritaBazaz’s effort to swarm a flawlessly curated evening construed the astonishing saga of her legacy and her accomplishments.

The love of food flashed an enthralling discussion throughout the event, one where people sounded unquestionably enthralled


with everything, that was on offer. The glittering affair took every one of us on a journey and engaged us in a love affair with food and wallow in our mouth with dining exotica!



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One comment

  1. Apoorva Saxena · September 25, 2016

    So brilliantly written! The event seems extravagant 😍


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