Confidential Couture- Something You Wouldn’t Want To keep Confidential

Recently, we had a heart to heart conversation with Anvita Mehra who started confidential Couture in June 2014 and made available, sporting pre owned luxury treats at a bargain to the masses.

Confidential Couture is India’s first online portal for buying and selling curated, pre-owned designer accessories. It’s a gateway to the elite Indian populace, desirous of a cosmopolitan fashion range.their Moto is to be able to purchase pre loved designer accessories at a brilliant bargain within the comfort of your homes, Confidential Couture offers a wide range of coveted products from brands like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Fendi, Gucci, Hermes and Burberry to name a select few, all of which range reasonably and are one hundred percent authentic.

Anvita has come a long way since the conception of Confidential Couture and has captured the Indian luxury market through her diligence and know how and capitalised on the idea of an emerging trend for shopping on a portal for flagship store visitors to own luxury goods at stellar prices.

Read on her exclusive interview with us to know more about her.


Q1. How did the idea of Confidential Couture come to you?

A1. Confidential Couture was borne out of the idea of bringing to light , the ignorance of people towards fake bags and purchasing counterfeits from websites and boutiques thinking they’re getting the real deal, when all they’re being handed

is a first copy. This lack of exposure towards the low lying luxury industry gave rise to our SayNoToFakes campaign and brought to light India’s first luxury platform for buying and selling authentic pre loved luxury goods.



Q2. What inspired you to open Confidential Couture?


A2. Confidential Couture has been inspired by the simple idea of making luxury affordable for the masses, and we work with that simple concept to ensure various luxury products can be bought and sold online, making ConfidentialCouture the ultimate one stop shop for pre loved luxury goodies.



Q3. What is your target audience and how to you determine your audience?


A3. Our target is each and everyone who absolutely love designer labels and bargains. As the millennial crowd goes in search for newer avenues Confidential Couture offers everyone a portal through which they can buy and sell their luxury products at a bargain and enjoy a guilt free shopping spree.




Q4. How do you keep up with the current trends in the market? 


A4. Keeping with the trans-formative luxury sector, we have executed a targeted campaign to capture the Indian consumer, by promoting its key motif, which is SayNoToFakes. Since India’s consumption of luxury items is expected to be generated on the web at large and luxury sales realized online are expected to rise over a period of time this works well.



Q5. At what rate is the luxury product market growing in India?


A5. India’s luxury consumers are now internet equipped and extremely mobile. The market for luxury is growing at a reasonable pace considering it has been established due to seasonal influxes of affluent consumers, that are ever looking to buy as well as invest in luxury.



Q6. How are Indian consumers responding to buying luxury items online?


A6. Considering there is a lack of exposure towards the luxury industry in India and only a few luxury brands have stumbled into the country yet, slowly but surely the idea of bringing attention towards buying and selling luxury through an online portal is bringing about a change to the Indian market, and broaden the the perspective of the Indian buyers that are still catching on with buying luxury online.


Q7. Which segment is growing in the luxury market?


A7. The last few years have seen a booming period of unprecedented growth for the global luxury market as a whole,and luxury growth in the recent years has been largely sustained by emerging markets such as China and Russia. Technology is the fastest growing segment in the luxury market after keen observation.louis-vuitton-1-available-at-confidential-couture

we absolutely love what she has been doing and products she offers. We think you should head over to to see it yourself and definitely give it a try.


Tell us how did you like our interaction with her in the comment section below.

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Until next, Ta-Da!🙂




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  1. Apoorva Saxena · September 25, 2016

    Those accessories 😍


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