Freedom To Experiment This Independence Day

It’s always fun to take on our much-loved three colors and rejoice freedom, which is important to all of us. This Independence Day, celebrate the lushness of saffron, white and green with some beauty inspirations. Here are ways to take on this idea:

Dashing oranges: Makeup has gone back to the brights and neons. Try the confident orange eye:

  1. Prep your eyelids with an eye primer and use a beige eye shadow to fill them up (cream or powder based).
  2. Thereafter, pick a bright shade of orange, and fill up the eye lids starting from the lash line.
  3. Now, pick a white eyeliner and draw a line upon the lash line. Then, using a neon orange eye shadow, seamlessly cover the white liner atop the lash line.
  4. Finish by using a shadow brush to blend all stark lines and colors together, if any to avoid any creases.


White Valor: White waterlines are a tranquil way to glam up your peepers. This Independence Day, why not use the liquid ivories for some ramp-esque beauty as well?

  1. Pick up a white liner preferably cream based and use it to do a reverse cat eye on the waterline, with the wings stretching out on each side.
  2. You can also use your white pencil liner as a highlighter for your cupid’s bow and outside corners of the lips



images (2)images

Emerald all the way: Worrying about matching your makeup with the jewelry? As green is the flavor now a days, pick an emerald eye do.

  1. After using an eye primer, use a dark charm green shade to fill up the eye lids up till the crease.
  2. On the brow bone, use a dewy grey eyeshadow to create a dramatic effect and as a transitioning color.
  3. Glaze it up with a highlighter on the arch.

download (1)


download (2)

Green, white and orange might be tricky colors to work with. But, there are ways to make them a part of your beauty routine. From white to contour your lips to eyes that match your jewelry- make your pick.

Favourite picks:

Eye Primer or Eye Shadow Base:



Neon Eye Shadow Palette:

Freedom Pro Decadence Palette- Clubbed To Death

images (1)

Tell how did you like the post and how much did it help you to look your best this I-Day in the comments section below. Tell us if you would like to read more such posts in future.

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Until next, Ta-Da! 🙂



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