Dabiri Celebrates Art, Fashion & Luxury Via Fashion Show.


Designers Ambika Jain and Divya Kapur Bindra have launched their 2016 collection called Ensembles under their brand Dabiri. This splendid collection was launched at a fashion show, which saw a mix of art, fashion and luxury at the T&T Motors Mercedes Benz Show Room here in New Delhi on Tuesday night i.e. 26th July’16.

Ambika Jain and Divya Kapur BindraJPG
The designers roped in their close friends and Fashionista socialites to showcase their creations, breaking the monotony of having models walk the ramp, presented a resplendent show with something different and innovative.

Diya Aggarwal in DABIRIJPG

Dabiri’ is celebrated for its elegant cuts and design work and its know-how in the field of fashion and aims to constantly recreate the magic and festivity of classic traditional wear into a technical revolution in the fashion industry.

Sonia Jehan in DABIRIJPG
The show was opened by Sonia Jehan followed by Vernaaz Mittal, Radhika Channa with her daughter Amira Channa, Soni Mahdi Aggarwal with her children Diya and Armaan, Karishma Vachani, Jayati Modi,Pallavi Rathore, Rhea Jain, Ishira Goel Niva Jain, Sanya Dinodiyaand closed by Sonalika Sahay.

Sonalika Sahay in DABIRIJPGTo enjoy the glitz and glamour of the fashionable traditional attire, the evening saw the likes of Pinky Reddy, Tanisha Mohan, Dilshad Khan, Harpereet and Rimple Narula, Vikram Baidyanath, Archana Singh and Krutika Singh.

Radhika and Amira Channa in DABIRIJPG

Jayati Modi in DABIRIJPG

Dabiri creations are traditional embroidery crafted by needlework which is an exquisite multitude of thread-work that is an expression of rarity and reminiscent back to the timeless era of the Mughals. Every outfit which was on showcase was a treat to our eyes! Every piece had such a detailed work done on it which made every single dress unique.

Karishma Vachani in DABIRIJPG

The ability to be able to breathe exuberance and longevity into a fabric and construct it in a way that it becomes as beautiful as life takes hard work, acquired skills in the field, excellent craftsmanship as well as a keen fondness to enhance, transform and know how to weave magic into a fabric to bring fourth masterpieces. The best part about their collection was that there wasn’t an unnecessary bling factor to it, the dresses were simple and yet captivating. Each piece with its light gossamer appeal showcased its beauty and adornment and is timeless in its own right.

Ishira Goel in DABIRIJPG
I’m in awe with their collection, which drips classic elegance, the ethereal embroidery on these clothes are fine examples of a combination of age old techniques and reminding us yet again that less is more and bling is out and simplicity is in.The show was an absolute success with the blend of fashion, art and luxury under one roof.


Do check out the complete collection of Dabiri and their amazing work.Tell us in the comment section your opinion and views on Dabiri.

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  1. Hetish singh · July 29, 2016

    Lovely great work
    Keep up the spirit 😀
    Good luck


  2. Shalini · July 29, 2016

    Good elaborate description. U guys rock. Keep posting more often.


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