L’Exclusif Range by Godrej’s Nature Basket


It’s finally monsoon season and the Rain God a.k.a Lord Indra has been kind to us to shower us with lots of rain. The reason we love monsoon is because it brings pleasure and happiness with every drop falling from heaven. Although, it may not be our favourite season due to water logging and those terrible traffic jams, but it is in our top list because of those delicacies which we crave for and get to munch on during the rainy season. Food is our best friend and we don’t really need a reason to munch on those tasty snacks during this season and indulge ourselves into some chaat and tikki’s, but halt right there! While the rain may bring you respite from the scorching heat, it does not mean that all these snacks won’t backfire making you sick and unhealthy.

This Monsoon onwards, we don’t have to indulge anymore in the guilty pleasures because Godrej’s Nature Basket has introduced it’s L’Exclusif range, which is a medley of their finest products, curated by the experts because healthy indulgence is always appreciated. This new addition is all about gastronomic delight!


This range covers everything ranging from the breakfast needs  which is fulfilled with it’s delicious Whole Strawberry Conserve with no added flavor or color, to the desserts with it’s ice cream which are made from 100% pure milk and natural fruits with no added preservative or stabiliser.  Apart from that, it offers munchies such as Baked Potato Chips, Nacho Kruncher in Cheez ‘N Herbz Tease flavor which is  gluten free, cholesterol free and also trans-fat free, Peanut Bar Bites Jalapeno, Roasted Cashews , Coated Cappuccino and trust us the list does not end here at all!


Out of everything, we like to munch on the nachos while sipping our coffee and it is a must try as we have already mentioned they are cheese flavored and without any trans fat which means that you get to satisfy your cheese cravings without any guilt. After that, we love the Whole Strawberry Conserve and we are permanently shifting to it because it is the freshest thing that we have tried in the longest time. Talking more about the Whole Strawberry Conserve, what really makes us it’s fan is the fruit pulp which keeps coming in and it tastes super delicious with no added chemicals or preservatives.


At the end of the day, your health is the most important thing and  Godrej is promising that with this delightful and exotic range without compromising on the taste factor.


We totally recommend this range and give it a big thumbs up. This season be healthy!

If you have tried this range , write down your experience in the comments below. If not, then you need to grab one for yourself from the nearest Godrej’s Nature Basket Outlet or you can order it online as well at http://www.naturesbasket.co.in.

Also, tell us how did you like our review and if you would like us to review any other product in the comments section below.

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