Pebble street !


Hey, guys we are reviewing an amazing place called Pebble Street and Bar in the New Friend’s Colony’s market (Community Center). We reached there in a group of 10 to celebrate a birthday.  It is a 2-storeyed powerhouse churning out some real amazing food and drinks. Portraying an European street (as the name suggests), the idea seems quite unique and interesting with porch lights hanging in the center, dim lights, red telephonic booth in a corner and  brick inlay walls making the place look like an old British style pub and the comfortable seating and a good collection of classic music only add more charm to it. This place has been in existence for a more than a decade, it is one of those outlets that have stood the test of time. It has been there since 1998 and if going by the review from other people, it has not degraded a bit which is very rare.


As mentioned already, the café has two floors, the ground floor is huge with good sitting capacity divided into two sections  and has a well-stocked bar whereas the upper floor has a limited sitting area of not more than 15-20 people. One thing to look out for on the upper floor is, low ceiling height for tall and even pseudo tall people.

Apart from this, the restaurant gives a feeling of a sports bar with a huge screen, screening football, and cricket matches. So, it’s a great place with good ambience; if you want to enjoy a sports match, booze, and bites with your friends.


Pebble Street serves the best of Continental, Italian, Tex-Mex, Asian and Indian delicacies. This establishment is exuding a warm casual diner ambiance. Since we went in a group of 10 we did order a lot of food and drinks (mocktails) to savor our taste buds.

Starting with the starters, we had:

Standard Honey Chilly Potato– Presentation and taste both was average.


Combo Platter – NonVeg Platter – A mélange of Chicken Roundels, Chicken Wings, Fish Fingers and Bun-Chow. The high points of the platter were bun-chow, which is mini buns topped with minced mutton and chicken roundels, which is minced chicken roundels tossed in spiced garlic glaze. Must Try!!!


Veg Spring rolls – served with spicy dips. They were amazing as the filling was fresh and the exterior was quite crunchy.


Paneer Tikka – Cottage cheese chunks marinated in Indian spices and baked in clay oven. Paneer tikka was one of the high points out of every veg things we ordered. We really liked the way plating was done and dish was presented.


Dahi Kebabs – Yogurt roundels and are deep-fried. We are a fan of dahi kebabs so we make it a point to taste this particular dish if we are going to a place which serves Indian cuisine. And Pebble Street now comes in one of the favorite places which serve dahi kebabs. Again, really liked the presentation.


Coming to the drinks (Mocktails), we ordered quite a few drinks and let us tell you all the drinks were either good or amazing. None was bad or even average. We started with:

Sweet 16 Margarita in Passion Fruit –  Basically, a non-alcoholic margarita. Well-presented and tasted amazing!!! We would call it a must try and it is quite impressive.


Mock Mojito – This was the normal Virgin mojito. Yes, the quantity was a little less but no complaints in taste. Maintained the standard Mojito’s taste.

Black Currant Blast

Fruit Punch

Pineapple Sunshine

Now finally, coming to the Main course of the meal. We had:

Chicken BBQ Thin Crust Pizza


Margherita pizza


Mac ‘N Cheese


Although by the time we reached to the main course our bellies were already full but being little hoggers that we are, we ordered nevertheless. In the main course both the pizza were good and delicious, both of them were freshly prepared and we really loved the presentation of it. However, Mac ‘N Cheese  wasn’t good at all and was a huge disappointment. It tasted very blunt and there were no flavors in it.

Apart from the food the service was really nice, our server was very quick and efficient and with that he was very polite. However, they did take their own sweet time to bring us our order, but that’s not really an issue because the food is worth the wait!

All in all a good place to go and we totally recommend you to there especially with the football season going on.

If you have been here, write down your experience in the comments below. Also, tell us how did you like our review and if you would like us to review any other place.

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  2. Aradhna · July 1, 2016

    Sound like a must try place. Nice review.

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